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    Practicing Law...

    There are lots of lawyers out there, and they all try to follow the traditional path of practicing law. How is ScottCollins different? Located in North Andover, Massachusetts, we are a full-service law firm who is proud of the fact that we have an established desire to be accessible to all of our clients. What does that mean? It means that you can call any of our attorneys and get the updates about your case as you need them. Do you have a question? Feel weird about something, or maybe you need to be reassured about something? We feel it's a nice thing to be able to text or email your attorney and get a response. The ability to pick up your phone and get your attorney can mean the difference between a good nights sleep or spending your night pacing. The ability to send your lawyer a quick tweet or shoot them a text might mean you can enjoy dinner with your family instead of worrying all night. The ability to send a normal communication to your attorney and have some confidence that he or she will reach you is the difference between us at ScottCollins and many other law firms. It is our commitment to always being in contact with you.

    ...with Passion

    ScottCollins was founded by Marcus Scott and Barbara Collins. Both are lawyers who have an overwhelming desire to practice law with excellence, humility, passion, and care for their clients. Their commitment shows at every phase in the legal process. The passion to be an attorney comes out in everything they and their staff do.

    and Purpose

    Purpose means focus. The Staff at ScottCollins meet everyday to make sure that every case is being properly executed. Your desire is what we focus on. Winning is our complete purpose.

  • Who is ScottCollins, LLP?

    We're a different type of Law Firm

    ScottCollins, LLP is a full service law firm founded by Marcus Scott and Barbara Collins, two old friends who love practicing law together. Marcus and Barbara wanted to build a different type of law firm. ScottCollins is that vision because it is a firm where the attorneys are easily accessible, and that each lawyer knows exactly what is going on with your case at all times.

    What We Practice

    ScottCollins, LLP practices the following type of law:


    Family Law

    Civil Litigation

    Real Estate


    Wills & Trusts

    Estate Planning


    Intellectual Property


  • Family Law

    We aim for Peace

    We serve the entire family

    Family Law is not always pleasant, but in today's complex court system, it's a requirement for firms that practice Family Law to understand the sensitivity and delicate nature of families going through the court system. We At ScottCollins specialize in Family Law.


    Nothing can be more painful or confusing than deciding to end your marriage. However, when that decision is reached, what steps should you take? When your marriage is over, there is so much that has to be worked out, it can add more pain to an already painful situation. We at ScottCollins always recommend that before anything is decided, a party should seek counsel from a trained Family Law attorney who understands and can clearly explain the process of divorce in Massachusetts, and who can answer questions about what can happen in the future.


    Once a court order is placed, to change it means you have to go before the court again and ask for a modification. We at ScottCollins have done many modifications and can outline the process for you in a clear concise manner. Our mission is to make sure you can reach your goal of making changes to the decree in a peaceful setting. Remember, a modification can involve items as simple as changing the visitation schedule of your child, to a complete recalculation of child support. At ScottCollins, we specialize in this area and want to help you achieve your results.

    Child Support

    Child Support can be one of the most sensitive and painful areas in Family Law. When going before the court, having an experienced lawyer can make a huge difference in the outcome. Here at ScottCollins, our attorneys deal with child Support procedures on a regular basis, and we can properly advise you on what it takes to enforce a child support order or ask for a recalculation. New rules in Massachusetts make it easier for a petitioner to ask the court for a modification of child support. (Morales v. Morales)


    Was there a court order not followed? Was child support not paid? Did the child visitation order not get followed? In situations where there is no compliance, where the court makes an order but the recipient does not follow it, a party has the right to go before the court to enforce the original order.


    Worried about fees? If you employ an attorney who understands this process, and you win, it can result in you being reimbursed of the fees to your attorney. We also defend parties from ill filed contempt charge as well.

    Custody Issues

    We handle all issues relating to child custody cases. No matter how fierce.

  • Wills & Trusts

    Caring for your family and your estate


    While it's never a pleasant topic, for the sake of our loved ones, our spouses, our children, and the causes that means something to us, there should always be a directive for your estate when you die. A lot of people think it's easy to prepare a will, the internet can show us how, right? Well, it can, but when something goes wrong, you can spend a lot of money trying to correct issues that a trained lawyer could have spotted in the beginning. Unfortunately, we have seen problems that have cost clients thousands of dollars, when those problems could have been easily avoided by using a lawyer. ScottCollins can help. We have attorneys who specialize in building an efficient, accurate and binding Will for your estate, and who will give you the peace to move on with the other issues in your life.

  • Our Attorneys

    Who we are...

    Marcus L. Scott, Esq.

    Specializing in Intellectual Property,

    Family, Civil Litigation and Criminal Law


    978-269-0505 x115

    Barbara Collins-Rde, Esq.

    Specializing in Family, Real Estate, Wills and Trusts Law


    978-269-0505 x102

  • Meet the Attorneys of ScottCollins

    Marcus L. Scott, Esq.

    The "Californian"


    Marcus L. Scott



    Oakland, California



    BGS, English

    Northwestern State University


    M.ED, Educational Technology and Instructional Design

    Northwestern State University


    JD, Intellectual Property, Media and Information Law

    Massachusetts School of Law


    LLM, Global Intellectual Property, Information Technology Law

    Suffolk University


    Licensed Attorney, State of Massachusetts


    Federal District Court of Massachusetts


    1st Circuit Court of Appeals


    Who is Marcus Scott?


    Born in San Francisco and raised in the blue-collar town of Oakland California. Marcus was raised with the values of Faith in God, love of family and the ability to stand in the face of adversity. As an Attorney, Marcus believes in serving his clients with honesty, integrity, straight talk and passion for protecting their interest at heart.


    Marcus Can be reached at:

    978-269-0505 x115







  • ScottCollins Attorneys

    Barbara Collins-Rde, Esq.

    The "Bostonian"


    Barbara Collins-Rde, Esq.



    Andover, Massachusetts



    BA, American Studies and Ed with Political Science


    Merrimack College


    MA, Education

    Boston University


    Juris Doctor

    Massachusetts School of Law



    Licensed Attorney, State of Massachusetts

    Federal District Court of Massachusetts



    20 years plus teaching at the college level


    Northern Essex Community College


    Salem State University


    Published Author



    Lawrence Lawyer for A Day Program to indigent clients


    Birthplace Historical Society - Control Board, Haverhill, MA


    School Board Member for SAU 16 a 6 town district, 49 million dollar school budget,


    Environmental Preservation Awareness Leader SAU 16 Enrichment program


    Historical Preservation -past member -John Greenleaf Whittier



    Attorney Collins specializes in Family law, Wills and Trusts and Real Estate Law, including Small Business and Construction Law.


    Barbara is the oldest child of three, and her family originated from Cambridge Massachusetts, later moving North to the suburbs. Barbara attended Merrimack College and worked part-time in her Dad’s printing business to earn her BA. Later she started a teaching career and went on for her master’s at Boston University. During the two decades she spent teaching and raising her family, Barbara envisioned the possibility of a law degree and building her practice going to school nights and weekends.


    Barbara’s experience in the classroom turned out to be invaluable in the court room, giving her the skills and experience needed to present and argue the law.


    In addition to the traditional elements of law practice, Barbara feels a special passion and commitment toward environmental causes, children with special needs and troubled youth.


    During her leisure, Barbara enjoys time spent with her husband and family. In summers it’s boating and swimming in the Lakes region of New Hampshire, and during Pats season it’s watching a good game on a Sunday afternoon. She also cherishes a “morning coffee” with good friends.


    She is excited about coming to the practice each work day because running your own business allows you do what is right and it gives you the power to help others change their lives for the better.


    Barbara can be reached at


    Phone - 1-978-269-0505 ext 102

    Email - Barbara@ScottCollinsLaw.com



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